Hey, I'm Rishi Raj Jain

I'm a Front-End Engineer, UX Designer, Writer and Creator who loves to learn, design & develop amazing human experiences. Some people call me workaholic, while I believe that's a compliment.

Recent Snippets

Adding Shimmer CSS in Next.js/React using only stylesheets
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Implementing shimmer css in Next.js/React with only stylesheets in just 2 minutes. Thinking of using libraries? Nah, no need. Most needed with router fallbacks.

Dynamic Markdown Blogs in Next.js/React using gray-matter, react-markdown and react-syntax-highlighter
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Implementing markdown blogs in Next.js/React with remark-markdown in just 5 minutes. Thinking of using strings? Nah, they are too old, use markdown. Export statically to achieve great perfomance.

Recent Blogs

Case study — Redesigning Snapchat money for gen-Z
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Introducing Snapchat Money for Snapchat India Too long; didn’t read. This is a case study of design...

A UX centered analysis of Information Sharing and Privacy over WhatsApp!
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In my mid-semester examination, I had this problem statement which needed me to critically review t...

Case study — Wanna GRUBIIIT
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It’s 3 AM, and it’s morning at IIIT-Delhi. With around 30 students in the canteen, overwhelming num...

Recent Projects


Led the team of 5 to deploy a scalable comprehensive AI-driven web-based solution for Human Olfaction. Set up Gunicorn and Nginx to create individual processes on new requests, designed and developed the entire web product using Django, Javascript, papaParse.js & Bootstrap 4.

OdoriFy website

An advanced Twitter scraping tool. No authentication. No API. No limits to fetching usernames from the user id's.

twitterUsernameviaUserID pypi
Saajha Dashboard

Developed a dynamic, scalable front-end dashboard using Javascript, dataTables.js, Chart.js & Django to highlight key data sets that would help Saajha’s operations team to manage projects and take informed decisions on their WhatsApp Bot.

Saajha Dashboard behanceSaajha Dashboard figma

My Experience

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